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Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Internet Explorer Running Slow

Internet Explorer is more closely tied to the operating system than other browsers and is therefore more likely to be affected by trojans, spyware and viruses. That doesn’t mean that your system isn’t infected if you use a different browser, it just means that an infection may be more obvious because of making IE run […]

Saturday, December 4th, 2010


There are a number of places where you can run JavaScript – some of them don’t require that you even have your own web pages. There are two ways to run your own JavaScript code against other people’s web pages. The easiest to set up of these is to add the JavaScript into your Favorites […]

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

HTML Source Encryptor

Not everyone realises how easy it is to bypass HTML protection scripts and so it may still be useful in some instances to apply such protection to a web page since a lot of your visitors will not know how to bypass it. So which of the various products should you choose and how much […]