Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Standard Compliant Templates

Just about all of the web page templates that I have see offered by internet marketing sites are absolute garbage. They do not come even remotely close to validating and some do not even display properly in some browsers. While the quality of such templates varies the standard of most is such that if you delete all the invalid tags out of them you end up with nothing left. Amazingly these people who haven’t a clue about writing proper HTML and CSS actually manage to sell this garbage to a lot of other people equally ignorant of how to write a web page and who are therefore unaware that they should be paid for the time they waste on these products rather than having to pay for the privilege of wasting their time.

In an attempt to do my bit toward rectifying this abysmal situation I have actually created a few web page templates of my own which actually do follow the standards correctly and have made them available in the Silver section of my Member’s Area.

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