Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Bank Web Sites and Poor Code

It isn’t only security issues that you need to concern yourself with when it comes to online banking. You also need to consider how well or poorly written the processing on that web site is. While you have reasonable control over the security aspects of your use of the bank web site, you have little control over anything on that site that has been inadequately tested by the bank IT staff and which therefore doesn’t work properly. While it is a trivial coding exercise to test for duplicate transactions and to actually query whether a duplicate is intended, not all banks actually implement such a simple test though and the only way you can find out that your bank forgot to test for duplicates is when you enter a payment into their site once and their system decides to make the payment multiple times. So as well as considering security when deciding whether or not to use an online banking site you also need to consider how likely it is that their IT staff properly tested their site. Having the inconvenience of having to chase the bank for thew return of the additional payments they made from your account that you didn’t ask for negates the convenience of being able to make payments online.

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