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Robin Nixon’s CSS & CSS3 Crash Course

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Robin Nixon's CSS & CSS3 Crash Course : Robin Nixon: Book

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From the author of the top-selling book Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript and the popular Robin Nixon’s HTML5 Crash Course, this new CSS & CSS 3 course teaches you everything you need to know about the web layout language, all the way from the basics, up to advanced features such as animations, transformations, shadows, web font management and much, much more.

Everything is clearly explained with plenty of examples and figures, and you will absolutely find this one of the easiest courses you have ever taken. Once you’ve finished it, you’ll completely understand CSS and CSS3, and be fully confident of how to use it to make really impressive and dynamic web pages.

Starting from the basics of CSS (which experienced users can skim) the book covers everything you need to know about CSS and CSS3 in these 16 easy-to-follow lectures:

  1. Introduction to CSS
  2. The CSS Rules
  3. CSS Selectors
  4. The CSS Cascade
  5. CSS Fonts & Typography
  6. CSS Color & Position
  7. The CSS Box Model
  8. Introduction to CSS3
  9. CSS3 Attribute Selectors
  10. CSS3 Backgrounds
  11. CSS3 Borders
  12. CSS3 Box Shadows, Overflow & Columns
  13. CSS3 Colors & Opacity
  14. CSS3 Text Effects & Web Fonts
  15. CSS3 Transformations & Transitions
  16. CSS3 3D Transformation

After reading this book you will be fully up-to-date on all the latest powerful design features provided by CSS3, and will be all set to bring your web designs up to the next level.

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Publisher: Nixon Publishing
ISBN-10: 095689562X
ISBN-13: 9780956895622
Product Dimensions: 0.4 x 7.52 x 9.25 inches
Shipping Weight: 7.3 pounds

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