Saturday, October 25th, 2014

.au Domains

Those domains that end with a two character code are country specific while those that have a top level domain of between three and six characters are international. When you are targetting your pages just to people in a specific country then it makes sense to use the top level domain for that country. Depending on which country it is you may then find that there may or may not be a second level domain structure established within that country. Most of the larger countries have a second level structure like this (the most obvious exception being .us sunce the majority of Americans seem to prefer targetting an international market rather than a local one).

The .au top level domain belongs to Australia and there are only a small number of second level domains for use for targetting your site at Australians. This article lists those that exist and also identifies the criteria that you need to meet to obtain a domain within each of the SLDs.

.au Domains

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