Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Extended Tooltips Revisited

Now that the really old browsers that pre-date the standards have almost no one using them any more the scripts that we wrote a few years ago can be made a lot simpler. The references to document.all and document.layers (and useragent tests for Netscape 4 to get around the bug that stopped feature sensing for document.layers from working properly) are no longer needed and can now be removed completely from our scripts.

I probably should have started updating some of my older scripts a couple of years ago but have been concentrating on other aspects of the site. I decided that it is about time that I did start to make some of these changes and where better to start than my popular tooltip script.

The new tooltip script is about half the size of the old one. The old version of the script is still available for if you really do have sufficient visitors still using IE4 and/or Netscape 4 to need it.

Extended Tooltips Revisited

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