Thursday, October 30th, 2014

JavaScript : Modular Programming

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JavaScript : Modular Programming : alexandre brillant: eBooks

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The goal of this book is to introduce you to the real power of JavaScript with modular development. JavaScript without the module design is a limited language because it misses a lot for building solid applications that needs independent structure and easy assemblage technique. The more an application is complex and the more it needs a solution for creating and using modular parts.

Using modules, you will improve your JavaScript code skill very easily at no cost. You will work quickly by reusing solid parts of code. By updating a module, you could impact to a lot of projects and improve all at the same time.


A. Scope

1. Variable

a. Global usage

b. Local scope

2. Function

B. Inner Functions

1. Simple usage

2. Anonymous function

3. Managing old content

C. Module

1. Conception with object parameter

2. Closure

3. Splitting

4. Extending a module

5. Object development

D. AMD Module

1. Introduction

2. Object implementation

3. Require.js

a. Usage

b. Configuration

c. Dom Ready

4. Curl

a. Usage

b. Configuration

c. Dom Ready

5. Optimization


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Paperback: 57
Language: English

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