Friday, December 26th, 2014

Country Specific TopLevel Domains

The part of a domain name after the last dot is the top level domain that a given domain belongs to. There are two types of top level domain – those intended for international use and those that belong to a specific country. With the exception of a few of the top level domains created way back at the beginning of the internet such as .gov, .edu, and .mil which belong to the USA all of those top level domains (or TLDs) that are three or more characters long are for international use and TLD such as .com, .net. and .org can be owned by people located anywhere in the world.

All the TLD that are two letters long have been allocated to a specific country and are under the control of that country. In some instances smaller countries that consider that they do not yet have a meaningful use for their TLD have made it available for use by people outside of their country but that doesn’t mean that the country no longer has final say regarding their TLD and they may eventually decide to take it back. If you are wondering which two letter TLD belongs to which country then here is a complete list (unless they have added more countries since I last updated the page).

Country Specific Top Level Domains

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